We like to focus on data, not drama.  We like to figure out where you are and where you want to be, and then we design the solutions to help you get there.  This calculator will help you identify where your park, resort or campground is right now.

Run Your Numbers

What's the Real Cost of What You're Doing (Or Not Doing) Now?

Let's assume your park is located in an area where there are enough tenants to fill you park.

Let's also assume your park is or can be made attractive enough so that when a new guest or tenant arrives, they choose to stay.

Assuming your market can support a 90% occupancy rate, this calculator will tell you how much money your current marketing is costing you in terms of lost revenue.

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**Scary Disclaimer: We are in no way implying you will reach 90% occupancy. This calculator is provided as an informational tool and not as a guarantee of revenue. Understandably, many factors in addition to marketing and advertising will affect your revenue, such as operations, reputation, location, local demand, economic factors, curb appeal, amenities, proper maintenance, attention to the needs of your guest, natural disasters and other events.