Case Study: Sundowner Mobile Home & RV Park

Disclaimer the Lawyers Would Want Want Me to Share With You

Sundowner's situation is unique, as is yours.  Their results are not a representation of the results you might experience, which could be better, the same or worse.  Every park, campground and resort is unique as are the areas and competition where they are located.  Your experience may vary significantly.​


In 2010, Sundowner Mobile Home and RV Park was facing a dilemma – their revenue was decreasing due to their tenant base being affected by the economic downturn. Their mobile home vacancy rate was low, but their RV vacancy rate was high. They needed to fill their RV spaces, but traditional advertising methods were becoming less and less effective.

Meeting to Diagnose the Problems

As part of our normal process, we set up a meeting to review the challenges that Sundowner was facing.  Unlike some marketing firms, we believe it’s necessary to fully understand the needs of potential clients and to diagnose the problems they are facing before recommending solutions. We do this because prescribing a solution before diagnosing the problem is essentially marketing malpractice (just like it is in the medical field).

The Offer to Help

After fully diagnosing the challenges that Sundowner was facing, and realizing they were committed to fixing the problems, we offered to help.  Realizing the investment to put the solutions in place was likely tax-deductible as marketing and advertising expenses, and that the problems weren't going to fix themselves, Sundowner made the financial commitment to move forward.

Putting the Solutions In Place

Working in close communication with Sundowner, we put a number of solutions in place, many of which worked together to get better results than any one solution would achieve on it's own.  We also worked with them on their property management practices to help them convert more callers into reservations and tenants.

Transformative Results

​When we asked Sundowner about their experience and the results they were achieving as a result of the solutions we had put in place, here's what we learned...

Lower interest rates were causing a number of tenants to leave the market as they purchased single-family homes.  The local economy was continuing to get worse.  However, Sundowner reported that the solutions we had put in place were more than compensating for the problems in the area.  Their daily call volume had skyrocketed.  They were renting RV spaces and leasing park-owned mobile homes.  They reported that 95% of their new tenants were coming from the solutions we had put in place.

Twelve months after we had put the solutions in place, Sundowner reported their best year since they purchased the park in 1973 - they had increased their revenue by $67,895.54, which represented a very significant ROI.  And, the solutions were already in place, meaning they would continue to work into the future.