Marketing Case Study:

How Sundowner Mobile Home & RV Park Beat the Odds

  • The Problem

    In 2010, Sundowner Mobile Home and RV Park was facing a dilemma – their revenue was decreasing due to their tenant base being affected by the economic downturn. Their mobile home vacancy rate was low, but their RV vacancy rate was high. They needed to fill their RV spaces, but traditional advertising methods were becoming less and less effective.

    They also wanted to convert some of their existing mobile home spaces to RV spaces, but they weren’t sure if they could fill the spaces.

  • Strategy Session

    An RV Park Copywriter Should Know the Industry

    As part of our normal process, we set up a strategy session to review the challenges that Sundowner was facing.


    Unlike some marketing firms, we believe it’s necessary to fully understand the needs of potential clients and to diagnose the problems they are facing before recommending solutions. We do this because prescribing a solution before diagnosing the problem is essentially marketing malpractice (just like it is in the medical field).

  • Proposal & Agreement

    After doing intensive market research based on our marketing strategy session, we created an integrated and customized marketing solution for Sundowner which we reviewed with the owners.

    After working together to modify some terms of the proposal, we reached an agreement and began implementation of our solutions to market both the vacant RV spaces and the vacant rental mobile homes.

    After fully understanding the problems Sundowner was facing, the implications of those problems, and the goals of the owners, we were able to custom-design an integrated marketing solution.

  • We Started Implementing The Plan

    During the implementation phase, we worked closely with Sundowner to implement and fine-tune a number of solutions.

    I can’t go into all of the solutions here, but some of the integrated marketing solutions included several new web sites, email list building, email marketing, video marketing, a customer loyalty program, a program to collect testimonials, ongoing maintenance and marketing, and the implementation of multiple pricing strategies which maintained Sundowner’s rental rates and rental criteria while maximizing their revenues.

  • The Results Started Rolling In (Literally)

    RV Park Marketing Online

    After working together to implement a number of solutions, some of which are ongoing, we asked Sundowner about their results. They reported that the economic conditions in their area were still declining, but the marketing efforts we put in place were having a significantly positive effect.

    During the time period that our marketing was taking effect, interest rates were very low. A lot of highly-qualified tenants and some existing tenants were choosing to purchase single family homes instead of continuing to rent. But, our marketing efforts were more than compensating for the tenants leaving the rental market…

    In 2012, Sundowner’s revenues increased by $67,895.54. This represented a substantial return on investment (ROI) for Sundowner.

    The owners reported back that almost all of their RV tenants were coming from the marketing we put in place and 2012 was their best year since they began operations in 1973.

    The owners were happy to report that their call volume for mobile homes for rent and RV spaces had increased substantially which led to them quickly filling their mobile homes and RV spaces with tenants meeting their rental criteria.

    Effective Strategies

    Many overnight RV tenants were arriving at the park already familiar with the process for renting a space using some of the automated solutions we worked with the owners to put in place.

    Serious Results

    The owners reported that the RV park section was consistently and frequently reaching 100% occupancy, often with a waiting list of future guests having already paid a deposit.