Is Your Website Filling Your Park or Resort With Quality Tenants and Guests?

Most businesses and agencies have it all wrong when it comes to helping you fill your park or resort. They focus on fancy designs and page views, when they should be focusing on reservations, phone calls and filling your vacancies.

Free 7 Step RV Park Marketing Plan


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This plan works equally well for MH parks,
RV resorts and campgrounds.

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Copywriting That Fills Your Vacancies

The words on your website play a key role in whether or not a tenant will rent from you.

We use the art and science of “copywriting” to sell your visitors on renting in your park or resort.

Website Design
That Generates a Response

The entire purpose of your website is to generate a response in the form of a reservation or lease.

Instead of just picking a fancy design, we design or redesign your website to generate a response.

Marketing & Advertising
That Attracts Tenants

You can have the best park or resort in the country, but if nobody finds your site, it doesn’t matter.

We use marketing and advertising that works – from video marketing to Google ads to social media.


Now, we get almost all of our customers from the work you did for us on the Internet and 2012 was our best year since 1973 in terms of revenue.

Sundowner MH & RV Park
Sundowner MH & RV Park

Here’s How It Works…

  • See If Your Park Qualifies

    Use our rent calculator to determine whether or not your park has enough spaces and vacancies for our services to make sense.  Clients typically invest from $5,000 to $15,000 in our “Kickstarter” marketing makeover service because they are losing far more in terms of lost revenue or they just realize the value of solid marketing that works.  We normally break the project costs into two installments (50% to start and 50% upon completion).

  • Order Your Online Marketing Review

    If your park or resort qualifies, the next step is to order a video review so we can evaluate your website, your online presence, your competition, and other areas where your marketing can be improved.  We’ll share the video with you when it’s posted to a private page, just for you.

  • We Create a Marketing Plan Together

    After you watch your video review, we’ll get on the phone together and discuss a plan based on what you have in place now and the market where your park or resort is located.

  • I’ll Offer to Help If We Are a Good Fit

    If we are a good fit and you love the plan we come up with together, I’ll offer to help you implement the various solutions we came up with during our call.

    You’ll be under no obligation whatsoever.  You’ll either engage me to help you or you won’t.  Either way, we’ll still be on good terms.

  • You Win

    If you choose to do the work yourself, you’ll have a video review of the things you may want to improve and you’ll have a solid marketing plan as a result of our call.  And if you choose to focus on what you do best (while we focus on what we do best), you’ll end up with a terrific website designed from the ground up to convert visitors into paying tenants.  You win either way.

Case Study

In early 2011, we worked with a mobile home and RV park just starting to feel the pain of the economic downturn.  They were watching their revenues decline and they were losing RV tenants due to new government regulations creating layoffs in the area.

One owner said, “This Internet stuff won’t work.”

The other said, “Let’s give it a shot – we can always write it off as advertising.”

Want to know how it turned out?